About Stefan

I’m researcher and lecturer at Utrecht University working on issues related to copyright, privacy, intermediary liability, the right to be forgotten, and law and technology in general. In Utrecht, I teach courses on intellectual property, copyright, privacy, and competition law. I’m also an amateur coder who enjoys working on his own internet of things appliances. Read more about me, or contact me.


Current Projects

Working on PhD thesis on intermediary liability for copyright infringements.
Organizing the Utrecht Summer School on ‘Regulating Big Tech: Competition, Privacy, and Intellectual Property‘.


Latest publications

S. Kulk, ‘De Aansprakelijkheid van Platforms voor Auteursrechtinbreuken‘, Intellectuele Eigendom & Reclamerecht (IER) 2017-6, (forthcoming).

S. Kulk & F.J. Zuiderveen Borgesius, Privacy, Freedom of Expression, and the Right to Be Forgotten in Europe, in: J. Polonetsky, O. Tene and E. Selinger (ed.) Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy, Cambridge University Press, 2017.

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Media appearances

Radio 1 – Radio EenVandaag (Dutch national radio)
Online vergeten worden’ niet zo makkelijk‘  (about the right to be forgotten)
30 October, 2017

Trouw (Dutch newspaper)
Jezelf van Google laten halen? Vergeet het maar‘ (about the right to be forgotten)
24 May, 2017

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I am one of the co-founders of the Interdisciplinary Internet Institute (the iii). We’re an international group of researchers who study the social, philosophical, legal and economic aspects of the internet.